Web Design And Development

The internet is becoming the leading source of how people find your business. There are so many aspects to proper web design and development. Your website must be hosted securely, user-friendly, search-optimized, professionally designed, and get you new customers. I do all of this for you. I use WordPress to make the web design process cost efficient and quicker for you. WordPress also allows you to manage your content your own content once I finish developing it. I will set you up with secure hosting, e-mail access and marketing, search engine optimization, contact forms, and more to ensure online success. The possibilities are endless with web design. From e-commerce to strictly informational pages, no project is too big or small for me to accomplish. One of the best examples of my work is my website, but I am capable of more complex websites. Let’s create the website you need to expand your reach and grow your business.

Brand Design

Building a brand starts with a professional logo that connects with your customers and brings new customers in. How your brand is identified must leave a positive impression on your customers and business partners. But a brand is more than just shapes and letters. Your brand is improved by the overall message, the tagline, the color scheme, the creative aspect, and more.

Whether you need to re-invent your existing brand, or are looking to start a completely new company, I can help. I start by getting to the core of your business. What do you want your business to stand for? What do you want your customers to remember? I have years of experience with graphic design and know exactly what you need once we define the goal of your brand. Let’s create the perfect brand design you have always envisioned.

Video Production

Videos are the one of the most impactful ways you get your message out to the world. Videos engage your audience and can show the true values and mission of your business. Many people love video because it’s more enjoyable than reading. When the video is put together well, people will share it. When people share that video, your brand becomes more recognized and you can attract different audiences. I can create many types of videos from corporate identity, to informational, to advertisement, and beyond. I have years of experience and the audio, editing, and production software to create any video. Let’s create a compelling a video that will improve your business and connect with your audience.

Marketing Strategy

There is a reason Google, Apple, Facebook, and other world-changing companies are at the top. They never stop improving. These companies are always looking for better ways to reach their audience, better ways to attract ideal employees and better ways to reduce their expenses. They analyze data, re-target customers, think of new ideas to do business, plan effectively, and so much more. Keeping up with industry trends, timing your business activities correctly, using your customer data, and more are some ways your business can grow. I help you come up with a bullet-proof strategy to get your message and products out into the world. I help you raise your customer retention rates.

I research your competitors, survey your target audience, and analyze your current business strategy. I use analytical tools like Google Analytics and Microsoft Excel and draw conclusions on where you currently stand. Then I come up with a strategic plan to fix the areas that must be improved. From there I do whatever it takes to get your business back on track. Whether you need a professional report deck/presentation to raise awareness, better content marketing, implementation of promotions and/or more, I do that for you. Let’s improve your overall business plan and fix any lacking parts of your business today.

Social Media Marketing

It’s likely that your customers are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. Many of them use social media daily. Social media presents an opportunity for you to connect with your current customers, as well as gain new customers. Do you have an effective social media strategy? Social media marketing is only becoming more of a necessity for every business, so if you haven’t started you should immediately. The best part about social media marketing is it’s essentially free, but you must have time. It takes time to reach out to customers, keep your profile active, and create quality content. But if you own a business, you are busy and may not have time to do so. I can save you time and manage your social media strategy. I will create content that engages your customers, direct new customers to your website, run effective promotions/referral programs, and anything else you need. You will be amazed at how far a solid social strategy can take your business. Get ahead of the competition and let’s start your customized social media strategy today.